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The IF Factor: Questions Answered: #1-10

The word "if" is a very powerful word. It evokes many fears and reveals a lot about an individual, and the character one has.  After completing the 365 Thought Provoking Questions challenge created by the folks over at the blog, Marc and Angel Hack Life, a challenge that was highly regarded by you, the DP devotees, as well as a series I received much feedback on, I've decided to create and take on a similar challenge. 

On our shelf here at DP headquarters is a book written by Evelyn MacFarlane and James Saywell called, The Big Book of If. The book is filled with questions beginning with that powerful word, "if". The following series will be my shared answers to these questions. What are yours?

1. If you were to be granted one wish, what would it be?

That all humans on earth can stop being ignorant and really just see each other for what they truly are, people. I was taught at a young age that simply, people are people. And I still think that's the case today.

2. If you could dine with anyone in the world who is currently alive, who would you select?

President Barack Obama. I think being able to pick the brain of the current President of the United States, including the first man of color in the top position of the land would make for a fascinating experience.

3. If you could dine with anyone in history, who would you choose?

Easily, a top three favorite person of mine all-time, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Some of you newer DP devotees aren't probably aware, but I am a huge Dr. King fan and buff. I pretty much read any and everything the man has said or spoke. Such an underrated (and this is someone with their own national holiday) person for what he brought to the table for humankind.

I probably won't even be able to speak at such a dinner.

4. If you could physically transport yourself to any place in the world at this moment, where would you go?

At this moment, since it starting to feel like Fall, I'd go with some where in the Caribbean. How about St. Thomas, Virgin Islands?

5. If you could have lived through any war in history (without actually fighting in it), which would it be?

Well since I'm living through the current War on Terrorism, I'd rather simply select the current time. I would go with World War II, but I'm sure the current civilian life (despite the added height of alert and lack of identification of the enemy) is much better than that living through the late stages of the Great Depression.

6. If you could eliminate anyone type of insect permanently from the earth, what would you get rid of?

The mosquito. They have forever feasted on me as child and teenager, especially on my trips down to the Caribbean, and they continue to do so here in the States.

7. If you had to eliminate a single type of animal forevermore, which would you choose?

Pitbulls. Even though I'm not a huge dog lover, dogs are cool. However, Pitbulls are not. I've been chased as a teenager by a stray pitbull here in Brooklyn. Ran four blocks at full speed before eventually running atop a few cars and then on top of an SUV. Never will forget it. And by my choice, I'm sure you now realize that.

8. If you could, in retrospect, change one thing about your childhood, what would it be?

A different High School. While I learned many things about life from the tough High School I attended, I always wonder what would have happened if I went to a High School that I enjoyed and could have really been nurtured at.

9. If you could have any room in the world become your bedroom from now on, which room would you choose?

A suite at Yankee Stadium. How sweet (pun intended) would that be? A bed room that overlooks Yankee Stadium? And to be able to simply be in your bed room and watch every game? That's awesome.

10. If you could change one thing in the world right now, what would you alter?

Reality television. Ha! But I'm so dead serious. Make it stop. 

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