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The Pondering 10 - Jobs I Would Love to Have

It's very rare in this life that we have jobs that we enjoy. It's the reason we go to school, get fancy degrees, and even network a bit, to put ourselves in positions where the day-to-day routine we have is that much more bearable. However, if you have, or have ever had a job that you've enjoyed, you know how easy and simple it made your life. Since we have already done the Jobs I Never Want to Have, the following Pondering 10 list are the jobs I would absolutely love to have. The following are my top ten dream jobs.

10. Columnist/Blogger - How cool would it have been to write for a living? After all, I blog for fun, so imagine being able to write a column on my favorite topics, or simply continue what I do here on the DP and get paid for it. Yeah, I can already see myself lounging around in basketball shorts and and a t-shirt at my desk, or being lazy on a cold morning writing with a hot cup of tea from bed while punching the keys on my laptop. That would be great. Ah well...

9. Professor - And not just any type of professor. I want to be the type of professor that teaches a class that is an elective. A class devoted to something that sparks interest and creativity in a person, without having to be really invested because of long-term educational ramifications. Something like this, or this. Yeah, now that's teaching!

8. Professional Baseball Player - C'mon who wouldn't want to play baseball everyday in a big league ball park, AND get paid millions for it? If only I had the ability...

7. Video Game Tester - So let me get this straight. There are people whose job it is to play various video games and to give an honest consumer-driven opinion/review on it? So all I do is play video games all day, and get paid for it? Where do I sign up?

6. Bullpen Coach - A bullpen coach has such an awesome job. You are essentially a pitching coach without the responsibilities or blame that comes with being the pitching coach. You get to keep charts, hang out with the boys in the pen, answer the phone, and wave your hat letting the manager know a specific player is ready. And that's not including all of the perks that comes with the Major League Baseball life.

5. Whatever Guy Fieri Does - Seriously, whatever it is he does. Drive around in a cool sports car trying, testing, and eating at the best diners, drive-ins, and dives in the nation sounds pretty awesome. And I get to be on TV while doing it? Seriously, whatever you call that, I pretty much call it awesome!

4. Sports Radio - I love sports radio. It gets me through my day at my desk at my current , real-life, non-fantasy job. Being able to talk sports for a couple of hours a day with some current events sprinkled in doesn't sound all that much like work.

3. PA Announcer - Always been a dream of mine. Plus you get to watch sporting events live. Yup, sounds pretty cool.

2. Whatever Bruce Buffer Does - Bruce Buffer is the man. Honestly, I want to do what he does. Announce like he does. Bring the energy like he does. Do I have a man-crush? Absolutely! After all, there are UFC events I watch with no interest in the fights just to hear him announce. And there have been fights he's pretty much sold me on. Bruce Buffer is the man, and yes, I want his job as UFC announcer. "ITTTTTTTTT'S TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!" 

Sorry, just had to get that in there.

1. Hotel and Resort Critic - I envy those that get the chance to not only write, but have to do so on various Hotels and Resorts across the world. You're going to pay me to go enjoy this Hotel and Resort, and all I have to do is give my opinion in a short piece? How can you possibly find a better job than that?

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