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Plan B in NYC Schools a Terrible Idea

This past week it was announced that thirteen schools here in New York City will be providing the morning-after-pill to students as young as fourteen years old without parental consent. Obviously, the topic is one of high controversy, and is one that has caused intense debate among many. All of it derived from the support of doctors who claim the program will decrease teen pregnancy, and increase education for teens in regards to the growing nation-wide teen pregnancy epidemic. 

I find it very shocking that as long as Plan B has been available, that now is the time doctors and education officials find the pill to be a conducive avenue against teen pregnancy. Honestly, I find it to be an overreaction, and even rash to do such a thing in our public school system. 

Heck, possibly even revenue-driven. I wouldn't doubt it...

The reports claim that here in New York City, over 7,000 students between the ages of 15 and 17 get pregnant each year with over half of those ending in abortions. 

However, the only thing providing the morning-after-pill will do is give the green light to students that their actions are OK. The safety net of Plan B pills, which cannot be obtained at pharmacies without parental consent, encourages children to act recklessly, and to make poor decisions regarding sex. 

Also, the idea of offering drugs without parental consent is another poor ramification from this program. Schools currently cannot provide students with aspirin, but can offer birth control? 

And finally, how does undermining the role of the parent in the growth of a teenager help? 

All this new concept does is add to the growing lack of accountability in our culture. 

And speaking of accountability, how has Mayor Bloomberg performed since gaining control over the NYC school system? 

The last few changes to the NYC education system has nothing to do with education. 

But it's alright, as long as we don't consume soda drinks larger than 16 ounces. 

The availability of the morning-after-pill is just another terrible change by the New York City Education department, and yes, you too Mayor Bloomberg. 

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