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DP Review on Knicks New Uniforms


Thought I was done with fashion, huh? Yeah, well, so did I to an extent. Despite my recent Pondering 10 (Common Fashion Dislikes) which threw a curve ball to you DP devotees (and also drew lots of feedback), rest assured, I have no plans in regularly attempting to analyze clothing, fashion, or the trending styles. Because well, I have no idea what they are. However, in honoring the impending the famous "Fashion Night Out" here in New York City, I'll take one more stab at reviewing some gear I'm a little bit more interested in - sports uniforms. I know, I know, typical guy. But hey, what do you want from me? 

As an avid blogger and blog reader, I find myself following and reading blogs on an assortment of topics - even fashion. One of my favorite blogs which takes fashion and one of my loves, sports, and meshes them all together in a manly, but not-so-nerdy-or-metrosexual way is Uni-watch. In a nutshell, Uni-watch is a blog by Paul Lukas in which he analyzes every detail about uniforms, logos, and anything athletics related. I love it.

And with that said, I've read alot of rumors for the past couple of months that my beloved New York Knicks would be undergoing a uniform change this season, so obviously, I've been anticipating the changes. Devotees are well aware of the issues I had with the current uniform (and the court for that matter. Can we change the orange paint?!). To sum it up, a change was needed to separate this organization from the dark times of the past, and signify the new chapter we are embarking on. Well, after a subtle leak by NBA 2K13 and Amar'e Stoudemire when he visited the Michael and Kelly Show, the Knicks finally unveiled their new get-ups for the 2012-2013 season. Here are the changes, and some DP reaction to the changes. 

No More Black - Thank goodness! I cannot thank the Knicks enough for finally doing this! Back in the 90's when adding black to your uniform and logo was stylish, it worked. However, as we move forward, more and more teams have eliminated the black and returned to their traditional look.

Silver is the New Black - Black is out, and silver is in! Last year we saw the change in the logo, on the court, and now the color has been added to the uniform color pallette. Yes! Yes! Yes! 

Plus, getting rid of the black pretty much leaves it to that, you know, other team now in New York. You know, the one that moved down the road from where I live and have grown up, and is now giving me agita that it will eventually win a championship and I'll still be left sulking in stubborn Knick pride. Wheww! Ok, time to digress.

Knicks Jerseys '79 to '83; courtesy:

Less arched "New York" across both jerseys - I love that the Knicks are the only team in the NBA to have their city on both home and away jerseys, (except for those brutal years between 79-83.). There is just something classic and old-school about it. I'm glad they decided to keep that distinct look. However, I'm not in love with lessening the arch. It loses a certain something. I just don't know what it is. Who knows? Maybe it'll eventually grow on me. 

Slightly different font, and elongated numbers - Maybe because it's new, but also not a fan. The longer numbers does give the jersey a new feel, but I don't suppose it'll annoy me. 

Knicks Jerseys '97 to '01; courtesy:

New Trim and Side Panels - I absolutely hated the Knicks side panels over the past few years. It was convoluted  weird, and with the black intertwined, just took away from the classic look that are the Knicks jerseys. The side panels from the late 90's weren't as bad, as at the time it was a new spin on the classic jerseys. Or...maybe I just associate that because that team actually went to an NBA Finals. Nonetheless, I like the no side panel look as it keeps it sleak and clean. Also, the new trim around the sleeves is a nice approach, especially with the silver. Sort of bothers me the way it stops halfway and does not go all the way around, but I guess it works this way as well. 


No More V-Neck - I don't dislike the V-neck jersey look. However, I prefer the round neckline. Glad it is back. 

Old logo (left); New logo (right)

Slight Secondary Logo Change - The removal of the "NYK token" logo, and the implementation of the old Knicks "roundball" logo. So old-school...I like it a lot! 

And finally...


"Once a Knick, Always a Knick" - There is a message in the neckline of both jerseys that states, "once a knick, always a knick". I'm all about this. Yeah, I know many jokes come to mind like Jeremy Lin, or even Isiah Thomas. And honestly it's well deserved. However, as Alan Hahn, a favorite columnist and tv analyst of mine stated in his latest blog, "you'll always be a Knick, how you'll be remembered is up to you." And I'm sure guys like Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas who will slip on the orange and blue again this winter can attest to the slogan. 

While the Knicks haven't had the success measured in championships as other teams, it is rooted deeply in history in regards to the NBA, and basketball as a sport. In fact, before the NBA, during the days of the BAA, the Knicks gained the first win in league history. How about them apples? The things you learn here on the DP! 

It is time the Knicks begin honoring that tradition and their lineage in basketball history.

As for my biggest gripe (you know there had to be one), it is the awkward blue waistband on the home jerseys. The orange looks fantastic on the road ones, however, the blue waistband looks strange, especially with very little blue on the home jersey. It just seems misplaced, and really stands out. It seems to detract from the jersey and cut the uniform in half. I don't know...maybe it's just me. 

Blue waistband? Just seems awkward

As long as we do not add an "alternative jersey" (I read rumors of an orange one - woof!) (and the league-wide Spanish jerseys are fine) and please, please - PLEASE - let's finally do away with the awful green jerseys we feel the need to wear on Christmas and St. Patrick's day! Pretty please! 

So ugly!
Even uglier!
Other than that, I love the new design. Often, teams forget that less is more when creating an ideal and symbolic uniform that people can identify. K.I.S.S. should in fact be the #1 rule in uniform design. And the Knicks applied it here. Back to the traditional look with some modern changes. 

Overall, can't go wrong with that. 

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