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The IF Factor: Questions Answered #91-100

91. If you could rid your family of one thing, what would it be?

With a family that is all over the world, it's really hard to put a finger on one thing since there is so many of them who I barely even know. I could wish to have has be closer in proximity, but it's what makes my family the United Nations feel it has. It's what makes me, me. 

However, I'd probably go with the issue that I feel is a universal one for all families, and that is the grudges many have with one another. With a family so spread out and so scarce in real contact, having grudges really makes it harder to maintain already strained relationships. 

92. If you had to name the all-time best song, which would you pick?

Probably the toughest question yet in the series so far. I know whatever answer I put here, I'll read it back a day later and kick myself for not answering with another song. Or a week later with another, or a year later with another. 

So for today, at this very moment, I will go with...

*drum roll* 

"Imagine" by John Lennon.

93. If you could have one thing made out of pure gold, what would you choose?

Anything other than jewelry made out of pure gold is odd, isn't it? With that said, I'd with a house, then sell it for all that it's worth. 

And if your looking for a non-cop out answer, I'll go with a ring for my wife. 

94. If you had to pick one experience or situation when you were the most decisive, which would it be?

Well seeing how I worked with the public, and now students, all in the logistical heavy, event industry,  I'm always decisive. Every day. 

As for one decision, I'd guess I'll go the route with saying "I do" to my wife. 

Yeah, go ahead...awwwwwwww! I know, I know...

95. If you could have only one part of your body massaged every day, what part would you choose?

Easy, my back. Nothing like a good back massage that can really help the extremities of your body. 

96. If you could be the character in any spy novel, who would you choose to be?

Another easy one, Jason Bourne. He's just took cool. 

97. If you could make anyone in the world do something each day, who would it be, and what would you have them do?

I would pick two people - my parents. Talk about two folks who are immigrants not only from the wonderful island of St. Vincent, but from the old generation as well. Stuck in their ways in doing everything - although I must admit some of it actually is still relevant and useful - my parents would highly benefit from trying something new each day. 

98. If you were to choose the breed you would be if you were a dog, which type would best suit you?

Ugh, this is by far the worst question of all-time. I am not a dog enthusiast. I'm sure all of you DP devotees know this. And to be honest, I've grown up with such lack of interest in dogs, my knowledge of breeds are really limited. 

I'll guess I'll go with one I do know, a pug. They are small enough to pampered by over-obsessive humans, and low energized enough to just want to chill all day. 

But I'll repeat, dumb question! 

99. If you had to name the one thing that repeatedly makes you angriest, what would it be?

Inconsiderate people. With a close second being bandwagon, or as I call them, fraudbag fans. 

100. If you could change one thing about the building you work in, what would you alter?

Air Conditioning. I love the athletic facility I work at. It's one of two on campus. I love its design and the multi-purpose facets it offers. However, it lacks central air throughout the building. The offices are air conditioned  but not the actual athletic and performance spaces.

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