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2012 Bucket List - #22 Attend One of My Wife's Interior Design Networking Parties

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My wife is an interior designer that works for the City of New York. In her industry, like many others, the need for companies, manufacturers, and firms to get their names out in the marketplace to consumers, employers, and competitors is vital. From lighting companies to architecture firms, all are vying for new business. 

In an effort to do this, these companies, manufacturers, and firms hold parties, networking events, and other shindigs to advertise and impress the industry. The tag team partner and her close friends (who also happen to be in the industry) attend these events which are usually held in some of the coolest places throughout the city. From high rises with nice views, to suites and other impressive buildings that are nearly impossible to enter if not for the networking event.

The tag team partner usually raves when she comes home about the food and the open bar at these events, and of course, she comes home with an insane amount of free stuff as well. And we're not talking pencils and post its, we're talking flash drives, sun glasses, and other usable assortments. Heck, I think there have been times where some have gone home with an iPod and/or a tablet.

After hearing about the fun that these parties present, especially in comparison to the non-existent freebies in the public sector of Parks and Rec, I decided I'd attend one in 2012. Regardless if I'd be the only non-design or architect in the whole shebang.

View from 5 Penn Plaza (Courtesy: a.pic)

Yesterday night, after a long day at the office, I decided to attend a function that my wife was already at with some close friends of ours. Of course, even among that group, I'm the only one not in the industry. I've always imagined these parties to be filled with chatter of trade, industry connections, and other networking that would benefit all. I expected to stick out like a sore thumb. I even prepared to use the things I know about the company my father works for (a lighting company), or if all fails, simply, just make things up. 

Instead what I found as I exited the 25th floor of 5 Penn Plaza were many people in a beautiful space with extraordinary views of New York City talking about everything but lighting. In fact, folks were having a good time, eating catered and waitered food, and drinking until they needed to phone a cab. 

I still stuck out like a sore thumb as let's be honest, nothing about me really says interior design or architect. However, the expectations of having to be someone else, refer to my limited knowledge of design, and even the stereotype that I'd be one of three straight guys there (my friends being the others), were furthest from the truth.

Honestly, how can the interior design field not be fun? Design cool spaces by day, and party by night. 

Not a major bucket list item, but definitely a task of interest completed. 

#22, boom. 

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