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Dome Pondering Movie Review: The Change-Up (2011)

What is it about? 

A career driven family man and his best friend who is a carefree bachelor, end up switching bodies during a crucial time in both of their lives. 

Who is in it? 

Jason Bateman - Dave Lockwood

Ryan Reynolds - Mitch Planko

Leslie Mann - Jamie Lockwood

Olivia Wilde - Sabrina McArdle

Favorite Scene: 

When Mitch (in Dave's body) wakes up and has to feed the babies in the middle of the night, he struggles to handle them both as the babies end up playing with knives, the electric socket, and the blender before he was able to get the situation under control. 

Favorite Quote:

Dave: [in Mitch's body, showing his date outfit comprising of an outdated, ill-fitting shirt and triple-pleated khakis] So, how do I look? 
Mitch Planko: [in Dave's body, cringing at the date look] Well, all you have to do is just grow a mustache and lure a ten-year old kid into your van. 
Mitch Planko: Life doesn't always turn out exactly how you planned it. Sometimes, just sometimes, it turns out better.


Yes, I'm sure your thought on the Change-Up from the description and the trailer was the same as mine, and I am here to say - The Change-Up is simply the male, grown up version of Freaky Friday. Two men switch lives, they go through problems, eventually discover a new perspective on life, then switch back, and everyone lives happily ever after. 

So yes, the plot isn't what you should be watching this film for, as it is totally predictable. However, the journey, like Freaky Friday, does make for some funny moments, and some other interesting scenarios. 

Jason Bateman did a great job in his role, and Ryan Reynolds was simply awesome. Especially fun to see the bachelor character that slightly mirrored the well-known Van Wilder character. 

At times the film can seem a bit crude and raunchy for really no reason other than to seem like the R rated version of Freaky Friday, but it is still a decent movie that is worth a look in your spare time. 

Review: 2.75/5

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