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Growing Up and Moving On

Growth has been the mantra for yours truly in 2012. I mentioned about it in the 2011 DP Year in Review, and have done so several times in posts over the past ten months. I've tried to improve myself daily and attempted to mature as I have begun my years of the late-twenties. In doing so I have broken some habits, started new ones, and have ultimately been searching for that special something - that next step as I always called it - in my life. I wasn't sure what it was, or what it entailed, but I knew it was something there that needed to be explored. 

Well, after months and months of consistent prayer and asking the good Lord to not only make that next step aware to me, but give me courage to pursue it without fear, as faithful as he is, it was granted. After seeing a job posting online one night, I applied, and even worked some contacts I already had to learn more about the position. After a site visit, a job interview, and yes, more prayer, I was offered the position of a lifetime.

After two and a half years of working in Parks and Recreation, yours truly will be moving on to work in the highly touted NYU Athletics department. 

[sideblog: And for those True Tales of Parks and Recreation fans (which has been quite the hit), no worries, as I have a lot more entries, including some stories I can put to a blank screen.]

I can honestly say, and as corny as it may sound, this is a dream come true. Working in athletics has been the ultimate dream for me. Not to mention, I'll be doing EXACTLY what I've always wanted to do in running intramural and wellness programs, as well as having input on athletic facility procedures. To be honest, I still can't believe it. 

After receiving the phone call last Thursday, I pretty much mirrored the reaction of Shawn Michaels in 1996 when he won his first world title. And yes, I'm sure there are many of you that completely missed that pro wrestling analogy. But honestly, it was the first thing that came to mind, especially after mirroring his celebration motion when I accepted and ended the phone call. 


Pretty much the motion I made in office parking lot...and yes,  there were a few weird looks

Nonetheless, this has been a long time coming. Looking back on those internship days of hoping to find a job and worrying that my life would forever be spent interning. To landing a pretty good job, but being miserable in the finance world filled with backstabbing and insanely long work days. To being laid off, and spending almost a year and a half working multiple part-time jobs and some odd-end jobs here and there while going to graduate school and feeling as if things would never turn around for me. To being called back to Parks and Rec and reigniting a professional fire in me that not only helped organize recreational standards within the park, but also revolutionized the way permits are being issued in this city. 

[sideblog: I learned earlier this month the City will model their new recreational and field permit procedure after the one I created and adapted at my current employer.]

And now this...Yes, this opportunity. 

It was all worth it. Every bit of the journey to this point. 

I wouldn't be able to have done this without friends who continue to make me feel like a million bucks when things looked bleak. Haters that did what they do best - gossiping, doubting and talking behind my back in jealousy. My parents who always believed. My wife who made me realize I was capable of so much more. And a loving God whose plan is always perfect, even when we have no idea as we run the course. 

It's not the end, and I'm sure there are more steps coming as I run this race called life, but this was the first step of many I've been searching for. The first big step as I continue to improve. And the first step as yours truly looks to continue to grow up. 

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