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True Tales From Parks and Recreation - Is This Thing On?

Note: I used to work for a park slowly in continued development in Manhattan that is five miles along the waterfront of the Hudson River. As a Public Programs Coordinator, yours truly handled anything public related in regards to permitting (athletic facilities, film shoots, photo shoots, weddings, and other small gatherings), and of course, dealing with any questions or inquiries from the public. The following series will present stories, e-mails, phone calls, conversations, interactions, and sights I've seen from the people of New York City in regards to a public park. And yes, these are all real! And are all true!

Welcome to another little snippet of Parks and Recreation.

Similar to most public places, the park expanded and upgraded it's technology in the park to provide wi-fii service. The service is free, and pretty much standard as you simply connect, accept the conditions, and browse away. However, with any outdoor wi-fii service, there are hot spots designated for use. Of course, these spots are made known by signage.

The following Tale is an e-mail sent in by park patron who "apparently" had issues with the service. 

"Are you aware that no one can access your alleged wireless internet? I and many others have tried from many locations including right next to Pier --, and there is no signal. Is there some unknown procedure for connecting that I don't know about? My computer connects just fine anywhere else, so the problem is not there.
- Sent from a park lover using your wif fii service in the wi-fii area"

Yes, if you had to read that twice, don't worry, you read it correctly the first time. This person just used the wireless service to send an e-mail from their laptop complaining that they could not log on to the wireless service. 

Not sure what they wanted us to do, but that pretty much wraps up the general public in a nutshell. 

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