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Idiot Mom Proves Society's Lack of Accountability

I recently read a story that got me so worked up I had to make my way to a blank page here on the DP to begin punching the keys to vent. The story is in regards to a bisexual Queens student who was sent home from school for wearing a "I enjoy vagina" T-Shirt. Yes, you read that correctly. 

The story can be found here

What really drives me up a wall is the fact that after being sent home for refusing to change the shirt, her mother has now come to her defense and has claimed that her daughter's first amendment rights were violated. 

Yes, I hope you are rolling your eyes. Because I just did after typing that, even after reading it once before.

The mother (who I refuse to give credence to here on the DP) is claiming they are also discriminating against her bisexual daughter. She goes on to say, "She wore a shirt the other day that says 'I'm the B---h From Down the Block'. She can wear whatever she wants. You can't stop somebody from being who they are. My daughter is whoever she wants to be" 


What a clown...

Let's disregard the fact that schools have dress codes, and it is a place for learning, not "expressing" yourself. 

Let's disregard the latest fad of if something is even slightly or remotely tied to anything of sexual preference, or dare I say related to the Gay community, it suddenly becomes a class action lawsuit or discrimination accusation.

Or hey, let's simply disregard the idea that this girl thinks it is cool to actually wear a shirt like that, and honestly have some type of pride or class for herself. 

[sideblog: Can you imagine if a boy wore that shirt? He'd be a goner the next day] 

My problem is with this idiot mother who instead of disciplining her child and explaining to her the rules and regulations, and even, heck, teach her some self-respect, is defending this type of garbage claim! 

[sideblog: Yes, I think we have ourselves a candidate for DP Idiot of the Year]

Is this stupid shirt, which is not even funny in any way, and pretty much makes you look foolish, worth having your name synonymous to this story, and just a Google search away for college recruits and future employers to view? 


It's a word quickly vanishing from our society. 

When are parents going to stop attempting to be their child's friend, and start being their parent? 

When are we going to stop looking for every damn way to find attention? 

When are we going to stop pointing fingers at everyone else when we are clearly in the wrong? 

And we wonder why our education system is in shambles? 

It's because we're so busy with hearings on T-shirts and dealing with poor parents like this idiot mom, that education takes a backseat in our schools. 

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