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The IF Factor: Questions Answered #31-40

31. If you could have chosen your own first name, other than your current one, what would it be?

That's an interesting question. I'd probably go with something wacky like Kobar. Or maybe something more traditional and strong like Noah. This question simply makes me appreciate my name. Glad this part of life was taken care of in my first moments of life.

32. If you were instantly able to play one musical instrument perfectly that you never have played before, what would it be?

Saxophone. It's smooth, and honestly, comes with tons of respect. C'mon, who doesn't dig the sound of the sax when it's played well?

33. If you were to be stranded forever on a tropical island with one platonic friend only, in whose company would you want to spend the rest of your days?

Easy, my wife. I'm sure she'd get creative in designing the interior of our would be hut.

34. If you had to live your life in a place that you have never lived, where would you live?

I'll go with San Francisco, California. It's comparable to New York in being a global city, and has been known to have a high quality of living.

35. If you could keep only one article of clothing you currently own and the rest were to be thrown out, what would you keep?

I'll go with one pair of jeans. I'm a big believer in the power of the pants. Especially, when you are 6'5''. Finding pants that fit, are comfortable, and are stylish is very, very difficult.

36. If you had to lose one of your five senses, which would you give up?

Taste. I'd simply end up of eating foods that are good for me, and would keep my sight, smell, hearing, and touch. Seems like the least impact on a person's quality of life.

37. If you were to have one famous person alive or from history stranded with you on an island forevermore, who you want it to be?

Derek Sanderson Jeter. The guy would find a way to get us off the island before sundown. And then hit the night for some fun once he's back in civilization. Then probably get up the next morning and go 3-4.

38. If you were to be recognized by posterity for one thing, what would you like to be known for?

Character. I don't really care about fame, popularity, wealth, or even success. Character is something I strive to be remembered for.

39. If you could have said one sentence to Hitler while he was alive, what would you have said?

"Dude, what's your problem?"

Seriously, is there anything you could have said to Hitler to change his ways?

40. If you had to choose the color that describes you most accurately, which color would it be?

Midnight Blue, other wise known as Yankee blue.

It's cool, calm, sleek, and subtle. Yet, is sharp and has a certain way of portraying confidence.

Yeah, my wife has definitely rubbed off on me.

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