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Dome Pondering Movie Review: Shes Out of My League (2010)

What is it about? 

An average guy meets an attractive woman, but struggles with the insecurities of their relationship and the societal norms placed upon the situation, which eventually wears on their relationship. 

Who is in it? 

Jay Baruchel - Kirk

Alice Eve - Molly

T.J. Miller - Stainer

Favorite Scene: 

Kirk finally brings Molly home to meet his weird family for a dinner.
And after getting some ridiculous advise, Kirk attempts to shave himself, and couldn't do it. Devon finally steps up and helps him out. 

Favorite Quote:

Kirk: How is this not gay? 
Devon: I think there is nothing gay about it. The fact you are letting a straight married man shave your testicles. I think that makes you one of my most macho guys alive. 

Stainer: Kirk that Molly girl is insanely hot. 
Kirk: Yeah I know. 
Stainer: So you know whats happening? She is setting you up with the bitchy friend. Which will be perfect for you because you like bitches. 
Kirk: That's fine, but Patty is not a bitch. She's... uh... just different. 
Stainer: Yeah different in that she is a bitch and other people aren't. 


She's Out of My League is completely not what you would expect of this film going in. Well, it still sort of is, but it is not the terrible, cheesy, straight to DVD or "Why did they even waist a budget on this" type of film. 

From the previews and trailers, let's be honest, the title kind of evokes the typical teen bopper film. 

However, if given a chance, as most have said in their opinions, especially IMDB's review, this film isn't all that bad. In fact, it will surprise you. The plot really isn't deep, and doesn't have much of a hook to it, and in the end, it won't really move you in any way, but it is a film that is very comical. I would say its Think She's All That meets Orange County

Sure there is an obvious message of inner beauty trumping all, but what really makes this film entertaining are the wacky characters and moments in the film. 

Again, not a blockbuster or one to seek out for the DVD collection, but a film that is worth a shot if it's in the discount bin, or if it pops up on the tube. 

Review: 2/5  

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