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True Tales From Parks and Recreation - Signs, The Cure For Chaos

Note: I used to work for a park slowly in continued development in Manhattan that is five miles along the waterfront of the Hudson River. As a Public Programs Coordinator, yours truly handled anything public related in regards to permitting (athletic facilities, film shoots, photo shoots, weddings, and other small gatherings), and of course, dealing with any questions or inquiries from the public. The following series will present stories, e-mails, phone calls, conversations, interactions, and sights I've seen from the people of New York City in regards to a public park. And yes, these are all real! And are all true!

Welcome to another little snippet of Parks and Recreation.

New York is filled with all types of people from all walks of life. If there is one thing we all have in common besides our choice of residency, is our curiosity for new and exciting places and developments in the city. We always are looking for the next cool place to go to, or the next on-the-horizon change that can adversely increase our city experience. 

However, as have come the expectation with this series, in Parks and Recreation, sometimes the public takes this one step too far. The following tale is an e-mail regarding a sign in the park. The sign depicted the rules for a specific dog park, but was briefly covered in conjunction to the closure of the area for minor repaving repairs. The sign was covered with a black plastic wrapping which then had another sign over it stating "Closed for repairs, Will re-open soon." 

This woman, who recently stopped by the closed area, decided to send and e-mail regarding the sign and the closed area. Below is just another example of Parks and Recreation life: 

Inside the -- dog run there is a large sign that is covered with black plastic. I'm highly distraught of why signage in a park would not be disclosed. Are you attempting to hide something? 
I suspect that this sign has the rules of the dogrun on it. Are the rules changing? I sure hope not! The rules were fine as they were, except for the fact I think dogs should be separated by size. 
I do not feel that I have the authority to uncover the sign and I am wondering who would be the right person or agency to direct my question to.
I am wondering if the sign prohibits balls and toys. Is that allowed? And if it is, I am wondering if it can be uncovered so as to be useful. These things are vital to the use of the dog park. I refuse to visit your park unless I am properly advised on the rules and regulations of certain areas. 
I am aware that at the entrance to the dog run there are rules and a code of conduct but that is not as visible a location as the sign inside the run.
I also see that it says the dog run is closed. Why would you not put up a sign with the reasons why it is being closed, how long it will be, and if there is anything we can do? Are there any rules dog owners must use during the closure? 
These are all vital. Instead you simply cover the signs, and place us in the dark! 
Unless, the area is being changed into something else. If it is, make sure to put up rules and guidelines for us to follow until the change.
It's little things like no signage informing us what we can and cannot do which causes chaos and anarchy in society.  Thank you for your time.  The dog run is such a valuable resource for the neighborhood and it is enjoyed by so many residents and their dogs.

So yes, this lady is highly intense about her rules and guidelines. After all, I make sure I am aware of all rules before I enter any establishment. Don't you? 

We have to get this message out to the world leaders. The reason for anarchy and chaos is because we aren't informing the public enough of the rules! 


On a serious note, this woman also followed up with a call to me, a visit to the office, and then a formal request to the Mayor's office and to the state to have the covering removed.

All because of a covered sign. Imagine if we focus our efforts on meaningful things in this world, what we can accomplish?

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