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The IF Factor: Questions Answered #71-80

71. If you could own any building in existence, which would you own?

My intial reaction would be one of the Trump Towers for its financial gain and luxury, or even something sports-related like Madison Square Garden or Yankee Stadium for it's personal satisfaction. However, I'll go with the Empire State Building as it represents the city and  is very relevant with it's colors in the NYC skyline.

72. If you could own any one existing sculpture from anywhere in the world, but not the right to ever sell it, which one would you want?

I have no idea. I'm not an enthusiast for sculptures, but I would go with the Statue of Liberty. Yeah, not much creativity on these questions. Either you think I'm in a "IF factor" slump, or you probably think I'm completely obsessed with taking over New York City and it's landmarks. Don't judge me.

73. If you could make a gift of one thing to any single person alive today, who would it be, what would give them, and how you present it to them?

Another interesting question. Why is this batch so tough? 

I'd make a cheesecake for Guy Fieri, and basically present it to him as it comes out of my refrigerator ready to be devoured. I'll look for his reaction, feedback, and tips on how I can further improve my abilities on other dishes and baked goods. And yeah, maybe hangout a bit afterwards. Possibly even ask to drive his car. 

74. If you could have composed any single piece of music that already exists, which would you choose?

Wow, ANOTHER tough one. So many songs and pieces of music to simply choose one. I'll have to go with "Momma Said Knock You Out" by L.L. Cool J. I know not exactly one of the most famous pieces, but it is still highly recognizable I have always loved the song. I'm in awe of it's lyrics, the way it was written, it's energy, and of course, LL's delivery. It would be nice to say that I composed that song. 

75. If you were invited to join one current musical group, which group would you want to be a member of, and what instrument would you play?

98 degrees, of course. 

Just joking. I'd probably go with lead guitar for a jam band like No Doubt. I could go with other bands of popularity, maybe Metallica or something, but even though I'm big on their music, I'm not sure I'd completely fit in. No Doubt's music has more of the vibe and I can flow with. 

P.S. Check out their latest album - awesome stuff! 

76. If you were to receive any existing public award, what award would you like to win?

Public Service award, as it's a win-win for everyone. 

...or maybe MVP of the World Series, but that's never - ever - going to happen. 

77. If you could decide how to spend your last day alive, what would you do?

I'd spend the day hanging with friends and family, barbecuing, relaxing, and simply shooting the breeze until my time is called. 

78. If you could decide what would be written on your gravestone, what would you have inscribed?

For me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain - Philippians 1:21

79. If you had to choose the single most valuable thing you ever learned, what would it be?

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. 

80. If you were kidnapped and allowed to telephone one person for one minute only, who would you call?

My wife. Although I know she'd panic, in her time of instability she'd probably call all, alert all, and direct all to the situation at hand. While she may not be the best in crazy situations, she's the best at covering all bases in any situation. After making that phone call, I'm assured every form of rescue will be deployed. 

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