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Remembering the 2012 MLB Season

Another champion, and another great season that was the 2012 Major League Baseball season. The 2012 campaign was a truly memorable one that saw baseball take yet another step towards the fruits of a strong revenue sharing system that has improved the parity around the league. The season saw many great stories in the Baltimore Orioles and the Oakland Athletics, who weren't predicted to have a winning season by anyone outside of their organizations. There was, of course, the rise to competitiveness that was the Washington Nationals, those that utterly failed in the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the Boston Red Sox, and to some extent, the Miami Marlins. And of course, there were the storylines that swirled around the usual suspects such as the New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, and St. Louis Cardinals. And let's not forget the inclusion of the Wilcard one-and-done round which added so much intrigue this year! 

However, the biggest story of all was that of the San Francisco Giants who not only overcame the loss Brian Wilson, their closer, the huge struggles of their number two pitcher in Tim Lincecum, or the sudden fat wallets the rival Los Angeles Dodgers, but dealt with coming back from an 0-2 deficit in the NLDS to defeat the Reds, then a 1-3 deficit in the NLCS to defeat those pesky Cardinals, and finally sweeping the favorite Tigers to win their second World Series title in the last three years. A remarkable season for the Giants, and overall, a very, very good one. As is tradition, here are some other tidbits I'll remember from the 2012 MLB season. 

  • The return of Andrew Eugene Pettitte, as Michael Kay calls him. Who saw this coming? But it was surely good to see him back! Not only as a Yankee fan that needed the extra arm come post-season, but as a baseball fan, and a fan of seeing that stare from under the brim of his hat. 
  • Even though he finished with strong numbers for the mere mortal player, yet, 2012 was still below his usual production. Watching Albert Pujols struggle in his first year as an Angel was toughl. Is this the beginning of the end? I hope not, but you have to wonder how awesome it would have been, even for his legacy, had he remained in St. Louis. 
  • And speaking off the Angels, how disappointing were they this year? So much talent, yet we got a lot of underachieving. 
  • The hot start Matt Kemp got off to, and how he continues to show flashes of possibly being the best overall player in baseball...well until a youngster across town got the call...
  • Mike Trout! My goodness, how amazing is Mike Trout! What he does on a baseball field at the age of twenty is rare, and I've never seen anything like that in my lifetime. Honestly, he's better than Griffey at this point, and we all attribute young stardom with the "The Kid". Trout is going to be amazing if he keeps up this pace. 
  • And speaking of young phenoms, how about Bryce Harper? Sure he had all of his thunder stolen by Trout, but at least he can say he's still a teenager. And he''ll only get better. 
  • One last thing about Harper, how crazy was that steal of home plate on Cole Hamels? 
  • 2012 was definitely a year where the game is in a position to push the next crop of superstars through. 
  • But before the next wave comes in, father time gave us some quirks...
  • Derek Jeter's sudden fountain of youth. Hitting .319 and playing shortstop for an ALCS club at 38 isn't supposed to happen. Just another thing that makes Jeter one of a kind.
  • David Ortiz, proving that "Big Papi" is still a monster, and quite possibly could be the last true DH as the game changes and evolves in how it uses the spot.  
  • R.A. Dickey getting a second life in baseball. What a story he has been! 
  • Aaron Hill managing to hit for the cycle...twice! the same month!
  • And yes, the most impressive feat in any sports season I've ever lived through, of any sport, Miguel Cabrera winning the triple crown of the American League. 
  • Melky's sudden rise to glory as one of the game's best outfielders, leading the league in hits, and eventually the All-Star Game MVP...
  • ...before realizing it was all a sham, and that cheating will continue even with policies in place to stop it. 
  • Ichiro in pinstripes? Yes, it happened, and one of the greatest baseball players EVER proved he still had something left. 
  • Rajai Davis' catch. Sick! 
  • The Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers hooking up for the largest trade in the history of the game. I still believe that was a great trade for the Bo Sox. They got the best of that deal. And that's tough for me to admit. 
  • The infamous infield fly rule in the NL Wild Card game. I'm sure Braves fans are still hot about that one...
  • ...and how the Cardinals, just kept finding ways to win.
  • Bidding farewell to one of the greatest in Chipper Jones. 
  • And that included that big Game 5 comeback against the Nationals in D.C.
  • The Yankees, and how anemic, and old, and slow, and lucky they were to even get to the ALCS before being dealt the fatal sweeping blow by the Tigers.
  • Alex Rodriguez. Pinch Hit for in a playoff game. Still can't believe that happened. 
  • Raul Ibanez turning into Babe Ruth for a night...and then doing it again the night after. 
  • Speaking of Babe Ruth, how about this list: Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, Albert Pujols, and Pablo Sandoval? Believe it. 3 Homeruns in a World Series game is the definition of clutch. 
  • And finally, Babe Ruth had nothing on whatever Marco Scutaro was up to this postseason. 

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