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The IF Factor: Questions Answered #51-60

51. If you could have one specific power over other people, what would it be?

It would be the ability to force them to tell the truth. The truth is a powerful thing, and there are so many people that we all encounter that shovel us you-know-what on a daily basis. It would be nice to force people to simply tell the truth, say what's on their minds, and be straightforward.

52. If you could have one meal from your past exactly as it was, which would you repeat?

This question is stated as if I've had only a handful of meals in my entire life. I don't even remember what I had as my three meals yesterday! But I guess I'd go with Chipotle Burritos. It's my guilty pleasure as I can have them over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.

53. If you could become famous for doing something that you don't currently do, what would it be?

Good question. Well, despite doing a couple of plays and skits in my day, I currently do not partake in such things anymore. And hey, the life of a movie star doesn't seem all that bad. 

54. If you had to spend one year alone in the wilderness, where would you go?

I'd go somewhere warm, not too hot or too cold. So deserts and tundras are completely out of the question. Can I go to the Caribbean? A rain forest in the Caribbean! 

55. If you had to work in one type of factory for the remainder of your days but could choose which kind, what would you pick?

The Cheescake Factory as a baker. Ha!  

56. If you could possess one supernatural ability, what would it be?

Speed. As a person so slow that I think I'm blessed with superb poise and patience when I run, I'd like to know what it feels like to be fast. I'd enjoy being the Flash. Commuting to and from work would be awesome. 10 second commute? I can get used to that. 

57. If you had to paint your entire home, inside and out, a single color other than white, what color would you pick?

Since off-white would be such a cop-out answer, I'll go with midnight blue. That would make for a few cool rooms, but one ugly home. 

58. If you could have one single writer from history write your biography, who would it be?

I love the work H.G. Bissinger did with Friday Night Lights (yes, I know, I'm a huge FNL geek) and Three Nights in August. His ability to delve deeper into the evident really helps in portraying life and issues in a thought provoking way. He'd definitely be a candidate. Although Richard Wright is no longer on earth, I think his autobiography was well told, and probably wouldn't have minded him telling my story as well. But I'd probably go with Bissinger. 

59. If you could forever eliminate one specific type of prejudice from the earth, which would it be?

Easy, racism. 

Sometimes it baffles me how racism even started. "Hey, you look sort of different. I hate you!" 

Pigmentation is one color folks. Some just have more than others. But, I think as humans we just look for reasons to dislike one another, and we're afraid of what we don't understand. I guess, that's just human nature. 

60. If you could bring back any past leader to run your country again, who would you want?

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have made an awesome President. I also think someone like Abraham Lincoln with his leadership qualities and morals would transition easily to modern times. 

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